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5 Tips to Secure Your Home

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5 Tips to Secure Your Home

Home is the shelter that keeps our family safe and secure. Apart from the emotional connection with a home; it is one of the biggest investments of every individual. Considering these two facts, our initiative to secure our home becomes highly important. We need to take appropriate measures to ensure that our house remains safe from any invasion. Presently, the rate of home burglary has increased considerably.  As a result, more innovative security concepts have come to the forefront. These tricks are easy to apply and promise of high effectiveness. If you are someone planning to integrate modern easy-to-apply home security ideas, here is a lowdown on that. Look.


1. Home Security Alarm

 You can opt to install a home security alarm. Electrical socket and phone jack are two things required for the alarm system. The system will be attached to the wall and connected to your telephone. You will have to save 4 phone numbers in the system.

Note: these numbers will be dialed in case of any emergency/problem. The best part about the alarm system is that even if the burglar switches it off, you will get to know about it. Wondering how? Here is the answer…A loud siren will be played

The 4 Numbers Will Be Immediately Dialed

Lights in Your House Will Fluctuate on And Off Automatically

Tip: It is advisable that you save the phone numbers of your neighbors in this system. In this way, they can immediately come to your rescue.

2. Security Window Film

You can increase the safety of your home with security window films. It keeps the windows surface intact and prevents it from breaking. The film-covered window can withstand blows of around 400 ft. pounds. These security films make the windows strong and prevent forced break-ins. It is advisable that you contact home window-tinting companies for this purpose. These companies have in-depth experience and thus help you choose the best security films for your home windows.

Window tinting in Colorado is quite famous. If you happen to live there, you can consider different tinting companies that specialize in these services.

3. Motion-Sensing Security Lights

A poorly lit home at night often makes it comfortable and easier for the burglars to break in. Thus, it is important that you arrange for sufficient night-lights in your home. You can install motion-sensing security lights. These lights are activated automatically when any motion is detected inside the house. The sudden brightness acts as an alert to you and your family. With this system, there are high chances that you can catch the burglars.

4. Environmental Design

Tall trees and shrubs around the house help the burglars to hide. It has been seen that thieves hide behind bushes and trees to monitor your house activity. To prevent this, trim the overgrown vegetation in your yard. In this way, the thieves cannot use the bushes and tree branches to cover themselves.

Note: this type of security tip is called Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).

5. Lock System

Install hardwood or thick metal doors in your house. Do not opt for hollow exterior doors. It is advisable that you choose a strong door frame. You can also install a deadbolt with the additional metal strike plate. These plates will prevent the door to open when someone forcefully tries to open it.

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