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Benefits Of Outdoor Treatment Centers

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Benefits Of Outdoor Treatment Centers

When getting clean and sober there are many benefits to participating in rehab at an outdoor treatment center. Find out what that means for you. All over the country, various substance abuse rehab modalities are offered at treatment centers. Some implement traditional therapeutic approaches to getting clients to stay clean and sober, while others are more holistic and outside the box. Some are even mainly held outdoors.

The main benefit of outdoor treatment centers is that they aim at the integration of mind, body, and spirit. With different group activities and individual assignments, clients get in touch with their bodies, their minds, and their spirits.

Outdoor treatment centers also provide challenges that other centers cannot possibly include in drug and alcohol rehab. Rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, equine therapy (horseback riding), fishing, tubing, swimming, water activities, backpacking, hiking, and any other outdoor activities provide physical opportunities for clients to have mental, emotional, and psychological breakthroughs.

A natural high can lower the desire for a fake high from drugs or alcohol. When a recovering addict gets a taste of the natural rush that comes from an outdoor activity or sport, the natural high is experienced even more intensely than a drug- or alcohol-induced high, so ideally, the craving to use or drink decreases.


Outdoor activities also keep clients active. When you feel physically better than you did when you were actively drinking and using, there is less of a desire to go back to a destructive lifestyle. Other benefits of outdoor treatment centers include the ability to recover from destructive habits and patterns away from the setting in which you were drinking and using. The fresh air of open, outdoor space provides a peaceful and serene setting, which is helpful when working on issues of the past. During the early stages of recovery, when your brain and body are adjusting and calibrating without substances disrupting the normal functioning, the environment is important.

Many treatment centers throughout the country who offer mainly outdoor activities during rehab are now accredited, which means they are recognized by the Joint Commission and are certified as a valid treatment center. The quality of care that the Joint Commission requires for accreditation shows just how beneficial outdoor drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to the clients that partake.

When paired with individual therapy, group therapy, and other drug and alcohol education, outdoor treatment centers are just as effective, if not more effective for those recovering from substance abuse.

The health of the client is the focus. Staying active and participating in some form of outdoor activity everyday fosters that health focus. When the client is feeling better physically, his mind is also sharper, and subsequently, his emotional and mental status increases. Part of the health focus too, is the aim at long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

For those who were polluting their bodies for many years in most cases, the activities involved in an outdoor-based substance abuse treatment center set the client up to maintain a healthy, active, and substance-free lifestyle when he leaves formal treatment.

Along with all of the outdoor activities offered, a good treatment program for men who want to stay sober includes the following:2 Individual therapy and 2 group therapy sessions per week, plus daily therapeutic process groups.

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