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Defining Pillar Type Drilling Machines

Defining Pillar Type Drilling Machines

The pillar type machines that are used for drilling can either be a square column or round. Usually, the column presents the provision to be raised from base resting on the floor. It has an assembly of the drill head, round table and an arm. Table and arm have three adjustments for locating workpiece that lies under the spindle. Table and arm may be moved down and up for accommodating workpieces with different heights. The pillar type drill machine may be moved in an arc up to eighteen hundred around the column and clamped at whichever position. This permits the support of work on machine’s base and arms may be swung away so that odd sized and heavy workpieces can be drilled. Lastly, the table is rotated a full three hundred and sixty degrees about the centre of its own for locating work under the spindle.


Construction Is Not Rigid

The pillar type Drilling Machines construction is not rigid at all because the table is supported on an arm that is horizontal. This is intended particularly for work that is lighter. A drill’s maximum size that is usable is about fifty mm. In square column or box type drill machine, the table is square type fitted on slides at machine column’s front space. The column is heavy box gives machines rigidity and strength. Table of the drill machine lowered or raised by the elevation of screw giving additional support. This machine type has been designed for drilling holes of about fifty mm on workpieces that are heavier.

Parts Of The Drilling Machine That Is Pillar Type

An Itco Drilling Machine that is pillar type has main parts which comprise the following types.

  • Spindle: vertical shaft holding drill chucks and drills are called spindles. It receives motion from the shaft at the top through bevel gears. The way that is long key is cut on the spindle and the sliding key is connected to the bevel gear. The mechanism permits spindle in getting a positive drive for different positions of the spindle while the drill is being fed in work. Spindle keeps on rotating with the sleeve for a rotation that is also called quill. Rack teeth get cut on sleeve’s outer surface. The sleeve can be moved down and up by opinion. This opinion is connected to the lever.
  • Head: on the column’s top head of the drill is mounted and houses both feeding as well as the driving mechanism of the spindle. In some of the machines, drill head has the capability of being adjusted down and up for varying lengths of the workpieces. When machines are lighter, motor gets mounted at head’s rear end for having the weight counterbalanced of a spindle of the drilling machine.
  • Table: the table is column mounted and has T slots provided for the work to be clamped or tightening work of various devices that do the holding. It may either be rectangular or round in shape or universal and fixed type.
  • Base: it is that part of the drill machine where the mounting of vertical column takes place. Whenever belt driven machines are used cone pulley is attached with a base.

Other Parts

Other parts of the pillar type drill machine comprise column that drilling machine’s vertical member that supports table and contains the mechanism of driving. Column that is box type is rigid.

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