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How the Use of Colors can Improve Your Website

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How the Use of Colors can Improve Your Website

How to Use Colors Judiciously and Improve Visitor Retention Rates on a Website

Different colors have their own effect on our emotions and by choosing right colors as per the theme of your website, you will be able to better retain visitors on your site. This is the topic we will be exploring in greater detail in following sections and look at steps firms providing web design services should take to properly utilize colors when designing websites for businesses.

An Overview of Proper Utilization of Colors in Web Sites

Psychological Effect of Colors

web design servicesDesigners providing web design services need to be aware of the fact that psychological effect of colors varies from one color to another. For example, if you want to usher in a sense of excitement then best color for the same is red. This is also one of the reasons why few of the well-known brands like Coca-Cola utilize the same as the primary color for their brand. 
Moreover, when we see red color we act quickly, for instance, you will find stop signal is always red. In similar fashion, other colors impact our emotions in other ways and designers can use these emotions for improving the design of any website, which in turn will result in higher number of footfalls on your website.

Blend Multiple Colors

Blending complementary yet different colors can be useful for a site if proper thought is given on selecting the right colors. This is due to the fact that if wrong colors are selected then they may well have an opposite and negative effect on the performance of the site. 
As for instance, if your site has a black background and pink text is used over it then people coming to your site will find it hard to read the text and will leave the site without interacting with it.

Effect of Cultures on Colors

Companies providing web design services need to keep note of the fact that colors symbolize different things according to cultures they are used in. Let us look at an example which illustrates this fact. In China, red stands for good luck on the other hand, in Germany it symbolizes bad luck. Thus, proper analysis on the part of the designer will be important so that right colors are selected according to cultural norms in a country and there is no loss of customers just because the site uses the wrong color.

How to Utilize Colors Properly

Few of the things designers can do to make proper use of colors include:
  • If you want to create a stylish as well as the modern website then a combination of white and gray can help you achieve this task.
  • In case, the goal is to infuse excitement into design then a combination of red and orange can help you achieve this task.
  • To create a clean design your designer can use white as the primary color.
  • If the goal is to create darker shades then black can be used but not as the dominant color. 


Finally, we can say that selection of right colors plays an important role in drawing the attention of visitors and helps your website retain users on the site for a longer duration.
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