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Tell You The Basic Usage of Cold Room And Axial Fan

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Tell You The Basic Usage of Cold Room And Axial Fan

When we use the chilly room freezer in the cold room will find there'll fall, this is the reason why?

Wall inside the cold room compartment  evaporator, compressor operate, through the evaporator cooling temperature, so temperature is extremely low, it is going to produce frost phenomena, such as compressor shutdown, the frosting will melt slowly forming water droplets, then flow into the anterior wall of the cold room box below then water, to flow through the drainage holes then the breaker over the water box, then the temperature gradually through the breaker evaporates.

Tell You The Basic Usage of Cold Room And Axial Fan

Additionally, if the cold room has water below, signaling by debris blocking the drainage holes, drainage holes should be clear in time Coaxing.

The coming of summer, many customers find the house cold room freezer will freeze over the phenomenon, as large as 35 degrees of warmth will happen, what's it for?

Relevant experts will be suspended for the chilly room to describe this phenomenon is that axial fan its cream of the procedure. High summer temperature, while the cold room temperature is extremely low, when people often open the cold room and they will both inside and outside the cold room there's a clear difference between the temperature and surroundings of water vapor in the cold room freezer abruptly freeze, pour cream Hawaii, if not in time, over time it will form a thick coating of ice.

Standard ice froze cold room, very power and consumes a lot of freezer volume. Interior to not let the chilly room ice, first in the refrigerator freezer ice melts and then coated the inside of the cold room acrylic, so the cold room won't freeze up.

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