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Tips For Stepping Into Flanges

Tips For Stepping Into Flanges

The flange is a significant element for connecting two pipes. Broadly, it joins the ends of two pipes via welding or threading. Thus, flanges are categorized into two large categories according to attended manners: threaded connection (screwed) flanges and welding flanges.

If two pipes are arranged to be attached, a set of flanges, a gasket and lots of bolts and nuts are essential to finish the flange joint. At first, set the gasket between two sealing faces. Then, tighten the bolts. After the gasket surface pressure reaches a certain degree, it would be deformed to fill the irregular sections of sealing surface to reach the ideal leak tightness.

You can also buy a Stainless steel flange from (which is also known as “หน้าแปลนสแตนเลสจาก” in the Thai language).

Flange joint is a sort of detachable link. Concerning removable components, they are broken into tube and container flanges. From the point of view of structure types, they’re integral, loose and threaded flanges. Especially, horizontal and butt welding flanges are two general kinds of the integral flanges.

The previous one is appropriate for working stress less than 4Mpa because of its inferior stiffness. Along with the subsequent one is the opposite type that’s often employed in working circumstance with higher temperature and pressure because of its superior stiffness. What else, there are three kinds of sealing faces: a planar sealing surface for reduced pressure, irregular sealing surface for slightly higher pressure and tongue and groove sealing surface for high pressure and flammable, explosive, poisonous media.

As you have recognized, different sorts of flanges maintain their own tolerant media and pressure. In actuality, the gasket used in the joint decides a lot. Many gaskets are obtained from non-metallic plates. Some are given with dimension to be gotten from asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos sheet, polyethylene sheet and so forth.

By way of example, the top temperature for overall rubber gasket is 120â,? . Acid-resistant asbestos is popular for general corrosive media. Referring to elevated pressure, the metal sheet made from aluminum, aluminum, 10 steel or stainless steel is essential.


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