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Web Programming for Dummies


Web Programming for Dummies

If you have been interested in setting up your own site or have read anything about web technology, you have probably heard the term Web programming. Many have heard that term, but few really know what it means outside of those in the internet technology or software industries. This is a very brief overview of Web programming.


Defining Moment

According to PC (, Web programming is defined as, “Writing the necessary code to create a website. At the very least, it refers to writing the HTML pages.”

In One Sentence

The Princeton review sums up Web programming as, “making the computer do what people want it to do.” That is obviously extremely simplified, but it serves as a nice description for people learning from square one.

More in Depth

Web programming and Web developing are often used interchangeably but they are slightly different (though often overlapping). Web developing is an all-encompassing term used to describe the developing a site for the internet or intranet. A Web designer organizes the site and places images, text, etc. on the site to make it visually appealing or functional. The Web designer uses codes for the more complicated matter such as searching, ordering, paying, etc. The Web programmer is the person who writes these codes. A Web programmer and Web designer can often be the same person designing a site, but they are slightly different jobs.

On a Small Scale

If one sets up a pre-designed site such as a blogging page with, they will use codes already written by a web programmer. One only must copy and paste the codes into the predetermined areas to create the desired effect. For example, if a person wants to link AdSense Ads to their blog, they need to copy and paste the codes provided by AdSense to the area they want the ads to appear on each blog post. The code looks like a bunch of random numbers and letters to the average person, but when put into place and viewing the final product, the ads show up instead of the code. Therefore, the code stands for images, ads, or whatever one is placing on their site.

On a Larger Scale

On a larger scale, the codes stand for much more complicated things on more in-depth websites. Some programmers constantly update the codes daily to keep them up to date and relevant. A large retail site (think Walmart or Target) must keep the codes up to date to not only reflect the current products but also the prices and links as well as the steps to buy the product. Any site using WordPress must keep the codes current and up to date to reflect the current information on their site. Online magazines often use WordPress. One wrong code could mean the article link not working or reflecting the correct information.

The basics concept of web programming is simple when put into layman terms. It gets more complicated when it comes to developing and writing the codes, but that’s what college is for, for those who choose that route. The average person need not have more knowledge than how to copy and paste.

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