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What is An Astrology Birth Chart?


What is An Astrology Birth Chart?

Sanskrit being one of the oldest languages in human civilization refers horoscope as “kundli” and similarly, a birth chart made by this concept is known as “Janam Kundli”. Going by the book, the horoscope is defined as the information that is predicted based on the position of the sun, planets, stars and other bodies in space.

The time and date of birth are critical in knowing about the exact positions of the planets at the time of birth and thereby predict what the future of the child may hold. A birth chart is highly essential in today’s world where everything seems uncertain. This article talks about the importance of the same.

Since the concept of astrology and horoscopes are based on positions of celestial bodies, there has been a lot of studying and observation about the same. The twelve zodiac signs refer to twelve different types of personalities that humans may exhibit. Their character study, qualities, negatives and positives and more are believed can be derived from their birth charts.


Dasha chart is one of the key components of the astrology birth chart. It is surprisingly unique for every human individual and starts from the time and date of birth of that person. Once the start point of the data system is obtained, it must follow the same sequence all through. The complexities of such study have been deeply studied and analyzed by saints and astrologers to come at this level of understanding.

Dasha system is further divided into Antar Dasha or more sub-sub classifications. There are first, second, third, fourth and fifth levels till where the charts can be created covering several hours from the life of the concerned person i.e. also known as Sukshma Dasha.

However, charts of fourth and fifth levels are not considered practical or reliable because the birth time and date are given are not completely accurate. There might be some errors in higher levels that would have no justification, thus they are usually avoided.

The faith in birth charts has grown over time since it is a tool that can give fair ideas about what events are going to take place in a person’s life during his life years. They may be related to studies, health, marriage, any specific events that may happen in between, and more. This information is highly necessary and is seldom avoided by any.

Astrology birth charts have now become a part of the birth process. There have been years of observation to realize that most of the predictions done based on astrology and horoscope are usually true. This has raised the faith and belief in the concept and is highly accepted worldwide. In the end, this is like believing in god when no one has seen the almighty.

If one believes in something, he or she may go for it. Astrology is a type of study that has no end and the attempt to know the future is still on.

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