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What Is Wastewater Treatment?

What Is Wastewater Treatment?

We drink it, wash with it, flush it water. It’s one of our greatest natural resources, and one occasionally taken for granted. We water our lawns and shower, but do we ever think of what happens to the water after we’re finished with it? Can wastewater go to waste? Here’s the story of wastewater, from the drain into the community water treatment plant.

Wastewater treatment is a way of processing water from industrial and household use to ensure it is safe to reintroduce in the ecosystem. From your drainpipes, it transported through sewage systems into the water treatment plant where it undergoes a serious of procedures before it’s recycled or disposed of.

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In a joint sewage system, it may also have the stormwater runoff. A different system is needed because storm runoff may contain massive materials which could damage the pipes. After the water arrives in the plant it undergoes a three-part process referred to as the primary, secondary, and tertiary phases.

The principal stage is where the water is left to sit before the contents can settle, much like soup when it’s left to cool. The solid matter sinks to the bottom along with the fat increases.

These substances are then removed and the water that’s left moves on to another phase of treatment. Some of the solid waste, which is now referred to as sludge, is chemically decontaminated for disposal or it may be treated and recycled into fertilizer, as New York has done. This also saves on disposal and holding space.

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